Has Google leaked an image of the HTC Nexus 8?

htc nexus 8.jpg
The lead picture on Google’s I/O website looks like it could be of Google’s rumoured HTC Nexus 8.

The image, seen above, shows a tablet being used with Google’s Chrome experimentation game Racer, and although it seems about the right size as the Nexus 7, it has a different look, which has led many websites to conspire that it could be the much-rumoured HTC-made Nexus 8 tablet.

One thing that could make this true is the fact that the front facing speaker grille and rounded corners are very similar to the HTC Flyer tablet.

However, according to Pocket-lint, some have suggested that the picture is just a photoshopped and slightly shrunk Samsung-made Nexus 10, which also has front-facing grilles.

Either way, we won’t know for sure until June 25, when Google’s I/O event begins.

Hayley Minn