Could the Kangaroo Light be the new Ostrich Pillow?

kangaroo light.jpg
We always seem to be losing our keys and phone at the bottom of our ever-growing bags, so this new Kangaroo Light, designed to fit inside bags to help locate belongings sounds perfect.

The portable, flexible light comes with a range of illumination modes, including random flicker and pulsing, so can be used for other moments, like private reading on a plane or in a car, or as ambient lighting at a party.

Designed by Studio Banana – the team behind the Ostrich Pillow, the Kangaroo Light has a flexible white soft touch finish, which is also splash proof. It has 24 built-in LED lights which emit a soft glow on one side. Its Lithium-Ion battery offers 2,5 hours of non-stop light and is rechargeable via USB Port.

The Kangaroo will set you back £40, which sounds quite pricey for a light, so means it will probably only appeal to hard-core lovers of weird, squishy lights, but with the unlikely success of the Ostrich Pillow, the Kangaroo Light could end up being a similar oddball hit.

Hayley Minn