Guardian Angel and Cuff are wearables that look good AND keep you safe

We always get a bit nervy walking home in the dark on our own after a night out, so this wearable jewellery that not only looks good, but keeps women safe too, seems perfect.

The Guardian Angel and Cuff are two great pieces of jewellery that aim to help women live without fear of harassment or violence.

guardian angel.jpg

The Guardian Angel can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet, and has been designed to resemble the shape of a halo, symbolizing the protection it offers the wearer. The wearer can press a button on the pendant once to activate a fake phone call to themselves, or they can hold the button down to send an emergency text to a designated number.

A triggered call could diffuse an uncomfortable situation, offering the wearer an excuse to break away from a harasser in a place like an office or bar. If there is a threat to her personal safety, she can hold the button for three seconds to send an SOS text message to a family member or friend to notify them she is in danger. The text provides them with coordinates and a Google Map link to her location so they can go to her aid.


Another great-looking and protective range of jewellery comes from Cuff; a collection consisting of bracelets, necklaces and key chains in a variety of finishes. Each piece is anchored by a small rectangular component called the ‘CuffLinc’, which acts as the alert system. CuffLincs can be removed and tucked into any of the pieces in the Cuff collection.

Using Bluetooth technology, the CuffLinc will connect to your phone via Cuff’s app. If A wearer squeezes the Cuff, an alert will go to the designated people in the wearer’s network. If anyone in the network is wearing a Cuff, their Cuff will vibrate. If they don’t have a Cuff, they will receive a push notification to their phone with the alert with the location of the sender.

What’s also so great about Cuff is that you can set up which of your contacts will get an alert via the app, which also holds personal and medical information like blood type, health issues and more. Users can also program their Cuffs with different alerts for people. So, for example you could tap once for your husband or boyfriend, and twice for your mum.

We love these wearables, as they’re so unique in their safety nature, but also they look really pretty as jewellery alone.

Cuffs range from $35 to $125, while the Guardian Angel costs $120, with 10% of each sale going to AWARE.

Hayley Minn