G Watch teaser video gives us another look at LG's Android-powered smartwatch

LG has launched a new promo video for its Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the LG G Watch.

A new teaser video, released today, gives us all another look at LG’s Android-powered smartwatch, the LG G Watch. The camera pans around the device, giving us a glimpse from every angle and telling us some of the watch’s key features.

Any big wearable fans will already know all of the top details about the smartwatch, but to recap, it’s lightweight, it has a metal body, it’s water and dust resistant and can run for a long time from a single charge (we’re not sure exactly how long yet).

However, for more mainstream audiences who haven’t been watching the Android Wear announcements like a hawk, this simple video could well be what entices them to give it a try when it’s launched later in the year.

Becca Caddy