Loop is a modular, smart TV tailored to you and your home

loop-modular-tv.jpgWe’ve heard plenty about modular phones, like Google’s Project Ara, but what about modular TVs? The world of the smart TV is changing so quickly that Loop decided to create a system to enable users to easily upgrade and customise their home entertainment systems themselves.

On their Indiegogo page, the team behind Loop explain that they were becoming frustrated with the limitations of smart TVs, as well as the broken promises of the big names in the industry, which is why Loop was created.

On a basic level, Loop is a display unit. But you’re able to add any extra bits and pieces depending on what kind of entertainment system you’re looking for, whether that’s monster speakers, a webcam, a 3D screen or a dual processor central unit.

Not only can you customise Loop based on what kind of TV experience you want, but you can also customise the materials that are used and the extra components to ensure it looks just right in your living room, too.

Find out more about Loop on its Indiegogo page here.

Becca Caddy