Fantastic London commuting pics – doesn't the city look pretty?


Ever taken a snap from the train or the bus on the way home? Well London commuter pj2014 aka Paul Jarman has been doing it pretty much every night with some stunning results.

It is fair to say that his journey home – he takes the Clipper boat on The Thames back to Docklands – might just be a bit prettier than yours – but still he takes stunning images.

Explaining how he does it PJ says ‘5% of the snaps on Instagram were taken with a Nikon s9100. The beauty of this compact camera is it’s 18x zoom which is very handy when you can’t be bothered to walk in a forwardly direction.The other 95% of snaps were taken with the iPhone4.

The majority of images have been taken aboard the Thames Clipper, which runs from Westmister to Woolwich. Most ‘pro’ photographers don’t use the Clipper for photography as they prefer their cameras to use slow shutter speeds.. clearly a fast shutter speed is essential given the inherent movement of the boat.

The only app I use is Google’s Snapseed – this can enhance brightness, contrast, saturation etc










Ashley Norris