Instagram's Explore tab is now customised to YOU

my-explore-tab.jpgIn a small but very cool new tweak to its app, Instagram has tailored its Explore tab solely to you.

When you click on ‘Explore’ now you’ll no longer get the most popular photos on Instagram, i.e. tonnes of American teens pouting. Instead you’ll see photos and videos that have been suggested for you, which will include a mix of content that’s trending among the whole of the Instagram community, as well as photos that your friends are liking and commenting on and local snaps too.

This is a very handy move from the Instagram team given that the platform is used by so many people and for so many different purposes. It’s never made sense to me to see only the photos with the most likes in Explore and for that reason I rarely use it. This way users are likely to be more inclined to actually explore, seek out cool new people and find those with similar interests.

Becca Caddy