UpTo launches calendar app for social butterflies


On the surface UpTo looks like a regular calendar app, sync it with your existing calendar and you’re presented with a much slicker (and yep, not to mention prettier) way of seeing what’s going on in both your personal and professional life.

But UpTo is also aiming to create one huge shared calendar for everyone to access. Sounds messy, right? But you decide which kinds of events you’d like to see, so it could be your boyfriend or girlfriend’s calendar, a movie listings calendar, your Facebook calendar, a calendar with cool events in your area or just choose calendars based on your personal interests, you can pick and choose depending on how sociable you feel.

To stop things getting confusing, the calendars exist on different layers. On the front layer is yours and then there are all of the different ones underneath. This is great, because although sometimes you may feel like the life and soul of the party, other times you may just want a quiet weekend and to only glance through your top priorities.

At the moment the different layers of calendars are only available to iOS users living in the US, but you can still download the app from the iTunes app store here.

Becca Caddy