Samsung's first Smart Bulb will last a whole decade

It may have been beaten to the finish line by Philips, and more recently LG, but Samsung’s first smart LED bulb has been unveiled and it’s called, wait for it, the Smart Bulb.

It looks like other offerings but it’s actually Bluetooth-only, whereas the bulbs from LG and Philips can also hook up to your WiFi network.

A Samsung press statement explains this is a move “eliminates the need for a bridge and wireless AP, enabling the user to connect and control it directly from a smartphone or tablet PC”, but it also means users will need a Bluetooth hub in order to set up home automation – but there’s no official word out yet about whether that’ll be included with a set of bulbs.

The bulb can dim down and has a basic colour range from warm to cool white, so it’s not trying to compete with the disco-like (and not to mention gimmicky) capabilities of the Philips Hue. Interestingly, Samsung has said that the Smart Bulb is likely to last ten whole years, but details about price and availability are yet to be unveiled.

Becca Caddy