Tinder dating app to get verified accounts for lonely celebs

tinder-dating-big.jpgAwh you’ve gotta feel for the slew of beautiful, rich and talented celebs that are using Tinder and getting absolutely no matches. All of the sad faces for them :(:(:(.

According to Techcrunch, celebs like Ashton Kutcher (isn’t he taken?), Lindsay Lohan and Josh Groban are all using the hook-up app but regular people don’t believe they’re really their awesome celeb selves. Tinder’s answer? Verified accounts.

Just like the little verified blue ticks on Twitter, Tinder plans on introducing a way to prove celebs are who they say they are. We imagine that’ll lead to a lot of average Joes and Janes hooking up with celebrities via the app instead of some slimy nightclub. WOOP for fame hungry horny people across the globe!

Becca Caddy