LOLZ of the day: The @buzzfeedquizz parody Twitter account

As much as we love Buzzfeed and its abundance of quizzes, cats, lists and quizzes we love a good parody Twitter account that rips at the fabric of its existence and makes a mockery of everything it stands for even more.

Enter @buzzfeedquizz, a new but absolutely hilarious Twitter account that satirises Buzzfeed’s quizzes by solely tweeting the titles of fictional quizzes that are funny because they straddle the line between “absolutely absurd” and “absolutely likely to be featured on Buzzfeed”.

Here are some of our favourite nuggets of quiz comedy gold:

For those interested, we got:

“The second year, filled with nothing but rage and torment!!!”
“Lower pay and street harrassment!!!”
“The tenth plague: The death of the first born!!!”

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Becca Caddy