LG launches Smart Lamp that flashes when you get a phone call


South Korean-based LG Electronics has launched its first foray into the connected lighting marketplace with its Smart Lamp.

The new smart lighting product is a direct competitor to Philips’ awesome (yet kinda pointless) Hue bulb and allows users to control a range of different features directly from their iOS or Android device.

You can set the Smart Lamp up to flash when you get a call (in case your ringtone just doesn’t cut it anymore) and sync up light pulsations to the beat of your favourite track. However, these gimmicky tricks don’t really impress us as much as the security features, which enable you to turn the light on when you’re out to deter burglars, as well as the alarm clock functionality, which means you’re woken up by a gentle light as apposed to a piercing alarm clock.

The Smart Lamp is launching in South Korea for 35,000 won (that’s about $32) at some point over the next few months, but there’s no official word about when it’ll reach US and UK markets.

Becca Caddy