Jawbone wants you to stop being such a coffee fiend

up-coffee-screenshot-big.jpgJawbone is branching into different areas of health and fitness tracking this week, as it’s announced its new app: Up Coffee.

Up Coffee allows you to steadily track your caffeine intake throughout the day by how much coffee, fizzy drinks and other foods you consume, and it then gives you an indication of how your sleep is likely to be affected.

Just like calorie-counting apps, you add your foods and drinks into a comprehensive database and the app begins to track how much caffeine you’ve add – filling up a beaker on the main page with little coffee beans that’ll increase the more you have and decrease as the day goes on and it leaves your body.

The app will also tell you how wired you are at any given time and tell you when it’s OK to get some sleep without the caffeine keeping you awake.

Up Coffee obviously ties in with Jawbone’s fitness tracker, the UP bracelet, to provide users with an even more detailed picture of their daily habits, activities and sleep, but it can also be used on its own too.

UP Coffee is free is available from the app store here.

Becca Caddy