Findery: An app like Instagram but for places (not selfies)


Created by Flickr inventor, Caterina Fake, Findery is a website and iOS app that’s a little like Instagram for places – snap a photo of something, tag the location and then leave a tip about why it’s unusual/awesome/tasty.

Your locations are all shared on a constant stream that anyone could see, but you can also share them privately too – creating a little map for yourself of places you need to remember and visit again – or amongst a specific group of friends.

As a lot of things are shared publicly, once the app gathers up a bigger user base it’ll make a great source for discovering hidden gems in your city. Although there are plenty of apps like it, Findery is focused on EVERYTHING that’s interesting and worth noting, whereas apps like Qype and Yelp seem to be more about the eating, drinking and sight seeing.

Although Findery is a little thin on the ground at the moment, we’re interested to see how it’s used over the coming months.

You can download Findery from the app store here.

Becca Caddy