An embarrassing number of Americans think HTML is an STD

We’d forgive the majority of people for not knowing what the acronym HTML stands for (HyperText Markup Language in case you were wondering), but according to a recent study 1 in 10 Americans didn’t even realise it was a technical term and instead decided it must be an STD.

The research from also found that 77% didn’t have the foggiest what SEO is, 27% decided a gigabyte is an insect and 23% thought MP3 was that robot from Star Wars.

According to the LA Times (where the results were first published), the study polled 2,392 women and men aged 18 and above who were given a list of tech terms and non-tech terms and were asked about the definitions.

Although it’s not clear whether they were given STD as an option in the most shocking result of them all or whether these bright sparks concluded that themselves, it’s still proof we all need to brush up on our tech terms a little more.

Becca Caddy