Here are some weird things you didn't know could be 3D printed

We all know 3D printing is well and truly a “thing” now, but other than allowing arty types to make really lame-looking vases and firearm-wielding Americans to print guns, what can you actually do with your overpriced 3D printing equipment? Well, a hell of a lot it seems…

Your unborn child

You know what’s the absolute worst? Knowing you’re having a baby but having to wait a whole nine months to see whether it’s going to be cute or not. Well fear not, because a number of companies (like Tecnologia Humana 3D) will now take your lame old ultrasound and turn it into a not-at-all-terrifying 3D replica of the baby growing inside you.



Well not actual dinosaurs, but their skeletons. According to IBTimes, scientists in Berlin have been working to recreate fossils so they can use big, walking 3D printed skeletons to learn more about how dinosaurs lived and moved.


Dead kings

It’s not just dead jurassic creatures that are being 3D printed, but dead monarchs too. In May 2013, the remains of what many believed to be King Richard III was discovered. So those who found him decided the best thing to do would be to try and creepily recreate his face using 3D printing. Because: science.


Image via The Guardian.

Sex toys

Makerlove makes 3D printed sex toys, a service which has given us a glimpse into the sexual desires of the public and terrified us to our very core. Case in point: This Justin Bieber-inspired dildo (there’s also a Freud one too, just FYI).



Okay, so it’s a particularly gross-looking printed pizza, but it’s still a printed pizza nonetheless.

A skull

We’ve heard that 3D printing could have a huge, positive impact on medicine and this week Dutch doctors proved just how much the new technology could save lives when they printed out an actual skull that was successfully transplanted into a woman’s head.

The video is below, but it’s not for the squeamish. WE REPEAT: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.


The Chocabyte is a 3D printer that allows you to print any chocolate shape that you can imagine, all for only $99.


Becca Caddy