Sammy Screamer: terrifying (but effective) movement sensor for parents

sammy-screamer-pink.jpgAs a kid I threw my mum’s engagement ring between the cracks in some floorboards and it was never seen again. You could say I was an awful kid, or that I was just curious and wanted to get my hands on special things. Either way, a Sammy Screamer attached to my mum’s jewellery box would have averted all kinds of expensive mishaps.

Created by a company called BleepBleeps, the Sammy Screamer is a kinda scary looking device that parents can attach to things in order to keep track of items within their homes.

So attach Sammy to a jewellery box, biscuit tin or cleaning products cupboard and if it’s moved he screams and a push notification is sent through to your phone. When you buy Sammy he comes with the company’s smartphone app – so you have complete control over volume, sensitivity and when he can start tracking.

BleepBleeps are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for Sammy and he’s already exceeded his goal by nearly four times – despite the fact he looks (and sounds) pretty terrifying, but we guess that’s kinda the whole point.

Check out the BleepBleeps website for more useful colourful devices with faces – we like Tony Tempa, a temperature tracking gadget.

Becca Caddy