Libon: Orange's app could shake up mobile messaging

libon-image.jpgIf you download Libon you’ll think you’ve just got a WhatsApp knock-off on your hands (complete with the exact same lime green shade), but take a closer look and you’ll realise that this messaging app from Orange has had a recent update that sets it apart from its competitors: it allows you to chat with people outside of the app.

Users are able to message someone (or send them a picture, audio clip or emoji) for free using just their phone number, so if they don’t have a Libon account they receive an SMS showing the message and a link to a web app. From within the web app you can do all of the usual things you can within WhatsApp, like tell when someone is online and typing and have instantaneous chats with you friends. But these elusive non-users never have to log-in – even if they are encouraged to download the app along the way.

Mobile messaging is such a hot topic right now that we’re not sure Libon will become to the go-to app and replace the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but the fact it’s just so inclusive may make it appealing for people trying to communicate with so many people across so many different platforms who just want a central place to chat.

Becca Caddy