No roaming fees in the US for Three 'Feel At Home' customers

three-feel-at-home.jpgSome interesting news from Three, especially if you are a regular Transatlantic jetsetter. The network has announced that it is extending its Feel at Home service– which basically allows the subscriber to use their current data and text plans outside the Uk for the same price – to several new countries, and top of that list is the USA.

So why is it a big deal. Well as Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says:

“It is the addition of the USA that now makes this plan really stand out. A fifth of Brits have returned from a trip across the Atlantic to a mobile bill shock – averaging over £90 – so this could be make a real difference to Three customers.

Other destinations that Three users can feel at home include Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, the Republic of Ireland, Sri Lanka and Sweden.

Ashley Norris

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