Automatic Pet Feeder will have your cat begging that the wifi won't go down

Do you want all of the enjoyment of having pets, but without ever having to interact with them? Then a new product funded by a recently launched Kickstarter could be for you. The Smart Pet Feeder will presumably automatically release food – and can be controlled through a smartphone app. (Sadly there are no pictures available yet).


I guess the theory is that you’ll be able to leave the dog at home if you go away for the weekend – with the Smart Pet Feeder automatically distributing food at the correct time. But isn’t this a bit bleak?

The designers are also including a camera built into the device – to send you pictures of your pet so you can check up on them. It can even automatically post them to Facebook and Twitter – and this is being deliberately aimed at the sort of people who maddenly tweet in the first person as though they were their own cat.

Apparently the app will also include the ability to configure feeding instructions, and will also support multiple feeders – so you can feed two dogs with the same app. You’ll also be able to get notifications to remind you to feed your pet, in case you’re a heartless monster.

It’s still early days for the project though. Just this week the team raised their first €1000 funding from a start-up competition in Lithuania – and subsequently launched the Kickstarter. If you want to get involved you can do so here.

It will even work with larger clumpier foods such as raw cat food.


James O’Malley