The 8 best budget Kindle e-reader alternatives – including Kobo, Nook and Sony Reader

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain”, said Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, before he went mad, burnt off half his face and started shooting people. This same slogan could equally be applied to Amazon. The company were one of the original internet pioneers – showing us how internet shopping isn’t all that scary – and they made it all so very painless.

At nearly 20 years old now (!), they’re now grizzled veterans and have done some questionable things. There are questions around their, er, “tax efficient” offshore business registrations, and around their huge influence on the publishing industry – using the huge weight they have to negotiate better deals for themselves at the expense of the people actually writing all of the words.

This, understandably, has put some people off joining the E-Reader revolution. But what if you want something lighter to carry around in your bag than a hardback tome, but don’t want to jump into bed with Amazon? Here’s some alternatives.

James O’Malley


  • Thanks for this guide, I've been looking for something like this. I finally decided to get myself an e-reader and I wanted something more focused as I already got a tablet and I'm pretty sure I will go for a nook. The e-reader is the only gadget I'm missing for now, I got so much tech stuff that to handle all the docs I started adding my items on and it's working good so far.

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