Tesco launches £119 7inch Hudl tablet

Fancy a really cheap tablet? Well pop down to your local supermarket then for Tesco is offering a new 7inch tablet named the Hudl, and it will retails for between £100-119 depending on how loyal a Tesco customer you are.

Specs-wise it is pretty much what you’d expect. It runs the Android Jellybean 4.2.2 operating system, packs a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, had 16GB of memory and battery life if up to nine hours.

The screen is 7inch – a fairly unusual size with a resolution of 1440 x 900 HD

As you’d expect Tesco has already pre-loaded the tablet with access to its goodies which include blinkbox movies and TV, music, Clubcard TV (which offers free films and TV programmes exclusively for Clubcard holders), banking and its shopping services.

It comes in four colours, will be available from 30 September and will retail at £119 the tablet will also be available on Clubcard Boost for just £100.

It nearest rival is the Amazon Kindle Fire which has similarly sized screen (which is lower res), a slower processor and half the storage of the Hudl.

Tesco Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, comments, “Hudl is a colourful, accessible tablet for the whole family to enjoy. The first stage in our tablet offering, it’s convenient, integrated and easy to use with no compromise on spec. Customers are quite rightly very discerning about the technology they buy so we knew we had to be competitive on all fronts.”

Ashley Norris

One thought on “Tesco launches £119 7inch Hudl tablet

  • Another impressive tablet to launch this month is from Ramos Technology– which has partnered with Intel to introduce the i-Series of Android tablets that use one of Intel's newest mid range processors and a much better deal is the new Ramos i-8 £125($199)– which is the world’s thinnest 8″ tablet — with a 7.9 inch HD screen and aluminum nickel frame for a sleek design; and is packed with features that compare to the new Nexus 7.

    The Ramos i-8 is similar in size to the mini iPad– and almost as compact as a 7″ tablet, but offers 40% more screen space, which is a significant difference and viewing tablet content is much easier and one of the reasons Apple made the i-pad mini this size…

    T ab l e t Sp r i nt– features the new i-8 and the rest of the new Ramos i-Series…

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