Rhino Shield – super tough iPhone 5 screen protector lands

rhinoshield.jpgWe have all been there. Watched as a smartphone has tumbled from our bag or pocket only to land screen facing down on concrete. If you were unlucky you would have then been looking at a cracked screen and a replacement bill of around £50.

Which might make the £17.99 Rhino Shield, iPhone screen protector pretty good value. The .029cm thick uses self-adhesive silicone to stick to your screen and then apparently absorbs 5x the impact of the phone’s Gorilla Glass.

The company says that is you stick it properly it keeps the slimline aesthetics of the phone and should be free from air bubbles.

Here’s the Rhino in action.

More info here.

Ashley Norris

One thought on “Rhino Shield – super tough iPhone 5 screen protector lands

  • …….and which Cambridge University College are these bright sparks attending, who is their lecturer ?

    Why is there a need to recall the original Rhino Shield ? Read the comments on their Site and you'd find that their Shipping arrangement is shambolic and the Rhino Shield MK2 is also failing.

    There are many products being sold by online Sites which sell their goods by spamming through every possible means in hope that some gullible Sheep would purchase or reiterate their false claims. ie. Pittman ALR (Alien liquid Technology) is noted by people in industry to be rebottled transmission fluid sold at extortionate price……….and the Sheep thought that due to the high cost of purchase then it must be good. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

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