Some of the coolest Apple iPhone 6 prototypes you'll ever see

We have seen shed loads of Apple iPhone 6 – for want of a better word – imaginations, but these from artists Michael Shanks, Ali Rahmoun and Sebastian Scheer are among the best we have ever seen.

They have all been posted on new-ish art/image site Dribbble which is attracting a lot of attention at the moment.

The big difference here, in addition to the wrap round screen, is the complete lack of a physcial buttons on the front – which may or many not work.

Pretty ain’t they?

Ashley Norris


  • I really love these prototypes of the iPhone 6. I hope that Apple will make biggers screens for their iPhones.

  • I recently switched to iPhone from a BB because it had everything that my BB didn't have (except the keyboard). These prototypes look really cool and hope we will see some similar elements coming on the market. What I've learned is that I keep changing phones a lot and to manage my investments in tech better I started adding them to It helps you optimize your product lifecycle if you're a gadgeteer like me.

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