Half of the UK population now active on Facebook

There has been the odd whisper recently about how Facebook is starting to lose traffic, especially that it is failing to appeal to youngsters who have had their heads turned by other platforms.

So to counter this Facebook has today released its latest UK-specific user data and is making available for the first time into daily and monthly, and total and mobile user numbers.

I guess they are as much about telling advertisers what a great platform Facebook is than anything else

And here they are

Monthly Active Users Total: 33 million
Daily Active Users Total: 24 million
Monthly Active Users, Mobile: 26 million
Daily Active Users, Mobile: 20 million

To put that in some kind of perspective that means that over half of the UK population is active on Facebook – some achievement. It also underlines how many people are accessing the service via mobile. It does make me wonder if the next big social network will be one that is built primarily for mobile.

It’ll be fascinating to see of the network can maintain this loyalty over the coming years.

Here’s a quick look at why I think there might be a new social network or two soon.

Ashley Norris