Rubbee turns any bike into an electric cycle

rubee.jpgI am a little torn. As much as I love cycling and the exercise it gives me I can’t help but yearn for an electric bike for those moments when you want to take a bit of a break. I challenge anyone not to take a ride or two on the GoCycle and not be consumed with covetous thoughts.

So I kind of like the idea of a module that turns your existing bike into an electric one which is exactly what the Kickstarter funded Rubbee is.

The device hooks up to your bike and and then allows you go at up to 15 miles via its powered battery without you having to do anything.

Apparently simple to install (this is the main fault with many of its rivals) the Rubbee is 14 lbs, which I am sure you will notice if you are restoring to pedal power, and takes two hours to charge.

It comes in at a pretty reasonable (bearing mind how much electric cycles normally cost) £799.

Ashley Norris