O2 unveils UK 4G package – lots of freebies and add-ons

o2-4g-phones.jpgAfter EE and Vodafone O2 has finally released details of its 4G offering and once again – like its rivals – it is tempting early adopters with some impressive freebies.

Firstly the roll out for the service will start on August 29 (the same as Voda) and 4G tariffs will start at £26 a month. For this users get unlimited minutes and texts, free access to 9,000 O2 Wi-Fi hotspots and VIP use of the network’s Priority Moments for live events.

There are however a variety of bundles to choose from. If you opt for the SIM-Only 4G package the cheapest option is £26 for which you get the basics listed above plus 1GB of 4G data usage. The top-end SIM-only deal is £36 a month for which you get a hefty 5GB of data.You can also supercharge the data package with each additional 500MB costing £6 per month, or £10 a month for each additional 1GB.

As for the freebies, well it depends what you are into? Music fans get O2’s 4G Music Tracks which offers playlist, video and Top 40 streaming free for 12 months.. Sports fans on the other hand can grab access to Priority Sports video content on the move which includes exclusive NBA and rugby content. Finally gamers can access Gameloft mobile titles including Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Zombiewood multiplayer over 4G without eating into their data allowances.

So how does this compare with Vodafone and EE?

Well both EE and Vodafone start at £26 per month. At present EE limits users to 500MB of data a month, Vodafone has quadrupled that by offering a 2GB cap (O2 is 1GB for the same price), it is also a little more generous in its data offering in other packages than O2. EE has some top end goodies if you pay £44 a month you get 10GB of data is on offer, or if you fancy 20GB that will set you back £51pm.

As for the extras Voda clearly has the best selection with a choice of free Spotify Premium or free Sky Sports Mobile TV (which features all the sports channels and includes live Premiership football.)

More on O2’s 4G offering here.

Ashley Norris


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