Sony's Xperia ZU – more details on this white hot big screen mobile

xperia-zu-leak.jpgThere’s more evidence of the huge potential of Sony’s new flagship Phablet style phone the Xperia AUtoday. A leak on the XDA-Developers forum has yielded a photo and confirmation of some of the key things we already suspected about the handset – which incidentally is set to debut on July 4th.

The leak confirms a monster 6.4-inch display, which will deliver Full HD resolution that will rival the best screen from other makers. It will also have Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, which is capable of 4K output and 7.1 audio decoding.

Other features that have been rumoured previously include , 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and microSD memory card slot. It will run Android 4. and sport an eight mega pixel camera.

It is likely to go up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is rumoured to be released later in the summer.

So what do you think? Is Sony about to unveil the king of large screen mobiles?

Ashley Norris


  • Note owners like myself will not likely switch over. We are comfortable with The S Pen ecosystem. If Sony does not use a Wacom pen then no chance of switching.Note phone owners contracts don't come due until September as well.Then since many of use the Note tablets, then switching to Sony is not a consideration.

    • Oh, Please …what planet are you stuck on? There is always market share for any device, be it even your korean sammy or fruity apple. Sony is kicking butt and everyone knows it. You just can't bare the fact that you're not going to afford one when it's released.

      • If you use actual sales numbers for the first 2 quarters of 2013, you will see that merely theGalaxy Note series with calling capabilitues outsold the ” all Sony mobile phone models combined” If you consider Sony's 2% as ” kicking butt” then perhaps you need to revisit your grade school math classes. No disrepect intended as you directed toward my statement of personal opinions. With regards to my ability to afford a simply cell phone, that is humorous. I am confident that you would love to earn what I pay in taxes. Oh, and I have been retired for almost 10 years.Cheers

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