Tokyoflash unveils the Kisai Rogue SR2 and Kisai Stencil – both made from Wood!?

Tokyoflashrogue_wood_pair.jpgOur favourite – slightly bonkers- watchmaker Tokyoflash is back with a pair of newbies both of which are made from, wait for it, wood.

We especially like this one – the Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD watch, which is made from a combination of maple and sandal wood. And in case you were wondering it presents the time through a circle of connecting blocks.

You just have to get your head round how it works that’s all.

The watch also sports an ever present LCD display in a choice of three natural colors, to help you read the watch at night time. night time.

It is a bit low on the feature count, but it does boast an alarm for waking you up.

Also new is Kisai Stencil Wood, which the maker says is an update on the popular Stencil watch, this limited edition design is made from natural wood with a genuine leather wrist band. It too has time, date and alarm.”

Both are available for $99 (€77, £65) until Friday May 3rd at 16:00 (Japan time).

More on the watches and the idiosyncratic way in which they work here.


Ashley Norris