Seven Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn buttons that really ought to exist

Social media buttons. Everyone loves them and we all use them. They can express how you feel without you having to exert any energy at all in 1, thinking 2, actually writing something sensible.

But there really ought to be more of them. Here are five that should be launched asap, but almost certainly won’t be as the social media powers that be are scared we might not use them in a dignified manner.


1 Facebook – So What – Ideal for when you see the eighteenth Buzzfeed post of the day in your stream or when a friend overdoses on the cutesy dogs pics.

2 Twitter – Like – When you want to tell someone that you like their tweet, but don’t want to retweet it, and no that isn’t what the favourite button on Twitter is for.

3 LinkedIn – Non-recommendation button
– When you worked with the person they were a complete arse – and you guess that they probably still are.

4 Facebook – Dislike button – for when something not good happens to your friends they get ill or lose their job etc


5 Facebook – WTF – Very different from the So What button this is for expressing complete surprise at a situation. AKA the Golly Gosh button.

6 Facebook – WAATP – Nothing to do with the excellent football site, this is actually for expressing surprise about semi-naked pics of your friend on their recent holiday.

7 LinkedIn – Kerching – For when those too good to be true business offers start cluttering up your news feed

Any others?

WTF pic credit

Ashley Norris