The best corporate website you will ever see

gladitaor.jpgThe thing about corporate websites is that they tend to be a little bit dull, a few corporate head shots here, a yawn of a mission statement there. It is not surprising that most of us tend to switch off and head towards Buzzfeed.

Except that there is one company that is desperate to turn the tide in corporate communications and add a little colour, flair and elan. A company whose pioneering approach could revolutionise B2B websites in the future and that is Arvanitakis Water Services Limited from the Ukraine.

Nope, not for them a home page devoted to an iffy video of non-media savvy CEO lisping his way through company policy. They have got a huge Gladiator chap with an over-active sword and a sparkling shield to protect every page of their website.

And you can forget about subtle corporate colours, Arvanitakis is a riot of blues and greens all there to make the most of the not really that subtle user navigation logos. There’s no chance of getting lost here.

And forget too fancy infographics that are chocka with senseless corporate speak. Arvanitakis has lots of big pictures of its paper production water mill plant complete with state of the art and very funky looking cooling towers.

All this is accompanied by some magnificent stirring semi-classical music and the genius tagline

‘When you are in troubles for the protection of your systems, we have the solution for you!’

If only all corporate sites were made this way.

Check it out in all its awesomeness here.

Ashley Norris

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