The Shiny Shiny guide to Retro Desk Lamps

We spend more time at our desks these days than ever before, and desk space are fast becoming essential ‘zones’ to be planned within our homes. However how much time do we spend actually styling our desk space as we do endlessly for other areas of our homes?

Essential office furniture – like a good desk chair are must haves, but looking slightly further at say a vintage globe or a retro desk lamp can make your work station somewhere that you actually enjoy spending time and proudly display, along with the rest of your treasured ‘statement pieces’ that say something about your impeccable taste for home interiors!

Here’s a selection of some of the finest examples of retro lamps we like.

Ashley Norris


  • Wow, greatslideshow! Who would've thought desk lamp designs could be so inventive. Manyof the lamps remind me of the modern desk lamps they have at Switch Modern.They are perfect for any modern home or office.

  • These are all great lamps, perfect for any modern home. What I use is this sleek and modern lamp in my home office. It’s very thin but it gives very efficient lighting, which is perfect to give more space for my desk clutter.

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