Apple iPhone 5S to feature 12 mega pixel camera?

There is a lot of speculation about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S, but one thing is a certainty and this it will have a better camera than the one on the iPhone 5. But how much better?

To keep up with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (to say nothing of the Sony Xperia Z) it will need to have a 12 mega pixel camera and that’s exactly what a Vietnamese site is predicting that it will include. is suggesting that Apple’s next generation iPhone may feature a 12-megapixel camera with an improved night shooting feature and HDR. The rumour comes from a source at Wonderful Saigon Electricsin Binh Duong, a company that provides camera modules for the iPhone and has been picked up by, among others, Mac Rumours.

According to Mac Rumours has a pretty good record of scooping Apple products and in the past and delivered a preview of Apple’s redesigned EarPods and a version of the fourth generation iPod touch

Ashley Norris