The iPad app that trains your dog and lets them send you Facebook updates

If you own a dog you probably wonder what it gets up to when you are nit around. Of course you can install a webcam to check to see what Rover is up to, but now an new iPad app hopes to take remote dog monitoring to a new more interactive level.

The $1.99 Pavlov Dog Monitor app doesn’t just keep tabs on your hound, it also uses technology to help you train your pooch too and even allows your dog to send Facebook messages to you.

Its main function is to ensure that the dog doesn’t spend the whole day barking at the neighbours. To address this you set the app up and leave your iPad on in the same room as your mutt.

Then if the dog starts barking a sound monitor on the iPad then triggers a video – which you have pre-recorded – saying bad dog stop barking etc.

If the dog behaves themselves then it gets the treat of a little video from you saying good dog etc.

Your pet’s progress is then tracked each day by the Dr. Pavlov character with it given a grade for each session you are away.

You can even set the app up so that your dog sends a Facebook post to you of its activity.

It sounds great in theory, but I guess how it works will depend on the individual dog. It might drive some dogs crazy and also some dogs respond better to screen than others.

Btw dog lovers – did you catch this?

Ashley Norris