Firebox's clever mini Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Back in the ancient days – well before digital cameras got any good in around 2002 – to take a picture involved pointing and shooting using a camera that captured the image on 35mm film. There was of course no reviewing or deleting images and if you made any silly mistake loading and unloading the images then you might find a whole roll of pics deleted – aaah those were the days.

Of course there are still some diehard masochists creative types who love Lomography and still capture pics on film.

Anyway if that’s your or your or your family have attic full of 35mm print negatives that are just gathering dust then Firebox has a neat little gadget that is well worth having a look at.

The rather tiny Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner apparently lets you scan any image from 35mm negatives direct to you smartphone. And there, thanks to its accompanying Lomography app, you can also edit and share it.

The £59.99 scanner- which Firebox claims is a UK exclusive to them – works with both iPhones and Android handset and works by using a direct light panel that evenly and efficiently scan negatives and slides. The on board Lomo technology also lets the user create slideshows, movies and panoramas.

It is available now from here.

Ashley Norris