Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumour round up – enhanced LCD screen?

Since I last wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a few days ago the internet has been awash with rumours about the device.

The big story is that the mobile’s screen, which gossip suggest will be 5.9inches, is going to be made from LCD and, not as others Notes have been, AMOLED.

Industry insiders see this as a move to increase the interactivity levels between the phone’s stylus and the screen. It would be the first time such a screen has been used in by Samsung and the rumour has been sparked by the increasingly close relationship between Samsung and the world’s LCD experts – Sharp.

These rumours follow the recent revelation by the Korea Times, which published a leak, allegedly from a Samsung employee, which gave details of a phone with a 5.9inch screen that the company will launch later this year.

There’s more on that story and what we’d like to see for the next generation of the Galaxy Note here.

Ashley Norris