BlackBerry Q10 nears UK launch – Carphone Warehouse adds it to site

More evidence that the Blackberry Q10, you know the one that uses the 10 OS but also sports a traditional BB style proper keyboard (and a smaller screen), will land in the UK very shortly.

Following on from rumours of an April launch Carphone Warehouse has just added the phe to its roster of handsets with the tag line that it is coming soon.

There are no pre-orders but if you register the retailer will keep you up to date with the latest news.

There seems to be a surprisingly large amount of interest in the phone – so do you fancy one?

Ashley Norris


  • I am old school and need to have the physical keys. I use it primarily for business and feel confident with the encryption for security. Looking forward to the release of the Q10

  • Slide out keyboards are ugly. I hate the screen size. Looks like a 1980s tv with a keyboard at the bottom. If they did a 16:9 HD screen with a slide out keyboard it would be a lot cooler.

    • Oh sorry, I meant keyboards like the one on this Blackberry are hideous. I prefer slide out keyboards. This form factor is just unattractive. Blackberry should aim to cater for the keyboard market, now that everyone else seems to have abandoned them. Having said that, they need better cameras and multimedia features so they can compete with Samsung, HTC and Apple. Even Nokia are churning out decent hardware. Spec-wise Nokia are still competitive. Blackberry just seems like an ugly toy now. It's not sleek nor sexy, neither fish nor foal.

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