Anyglove makes any pair of gloves touch screen/smartphone friendly

It is sunny again today, which is great news for everyone, apart from the team at Firebox that is. For the gadgets retailer has chosen today to unveil a very clever new product that may even have you pining for colder days again.

It is basically a liquid that you can apply to any pair of gloves which then turns them into touchscreen-friendly gloves enabling you to operate your smartphone or tablet and not have to remove your favourite pair of mittens.

Firebox is pretty skinny on the science, but does say that the bottle comes with more than enough liquid to apply to all the gloves in your collection.

The liquid, which is called Anyglove, is apparently easy to administer yet, and if your gloves stop working simple to re-apply too. You can buy it here for £19.99.

Ashley Norris