Tier One's musical rather odd lightbulbs – sound and light from the same bulb

Now this is bizarre. Tier One Electronics have just released a product in the UK that delivers both sound and light from the same device. The system includes a pair of bulbs that acts as speakers, as well as delivering light, so you can have sound coming from your favourite lamp.

The Lightbulb Speaker kit includes a docking station for an iPhone which has a pair of bulbs that screw into lightbulb sockets. Each then works as a 5W LED lightbulb and a 10W speaker with the dock wirelessly streaming music (which can comes from any musical device and not just the iPhone) to the bulbs.

The bulbs don’t have to be screwed into a lamp though, they can also work as speaker on their own if required.

The company claims that the 5W LEDs that make up the bulbs are extremely long life and energy saving.

I am note sure what happens when they finally die though. You may have to upgrade replace the bulbs which are £119.99 each.

So what do you think? Nice idea, or just a gimmick?

If you fancy them a pair of Lightbulb Speakers and the docking station cost £299.99. A matching floorstanding subwoofer to beef up the bass costs a further £139.99. You can buy them here. More info here.

Ashley Norris