hipkey- a clever wireless alarm for your iPhone (or kids) hits the Apple store

Some interesting use of Bluetooth technology here from a Danish company called hippih. It has just hit the Apple Store with hipkey, a Bluetooth device designed to make sure that you are never parted from your iPhone, iPad or even your kids.

Basically it is a small accessory that you keep on a key ring. You then pair with a device like an iPhone or an iPad and if that device goes beyond a specified distance from the hipkey it sounds an alarm.

I guess the idea is that if you are constantly leaving your iPhone in coffee shops then this could be your saviour.

It also works with kids too. If you attach the hipkey to your child (or place it in their pocket) your iPhone/iPad will let you know if they have gone outside of the area.

You can set the distance triggered alarm system up to a range of 50 metres. There is also a ‘Safe Zone’ setting that switches the alarm off in areas where your valuables or loved ones are not vulnerable, such as home, a relative’s house or the office.

Danny van der Poel, CEO of hippih says, “hipKey™ offers peace of mind to users, keeping track of their expensive items and loved ones when life gets in the way. Everyone has, at one time, left an iPhone or iPad in a bar or coffee shop and returned too late to find it gone. And who has not left the house in a hurry and forgotten their phone. Carrying a hipKey™ with you means this will never happen again.”

It costs £69.95 and is available now from Apple Stores.


Ashley Norris