Google Glass: Great for ballerinas, sculptors and pilots

We’ve been hearing loads (and kinda seeing loads) about Google’s latest Glass project over the past year or so, the wearable headset that looks like a prop straight out of a sci-fi movie, which lets you do all kinds of things just using your peepers and your voice.

Well today everyone’s talking about Google’s latest preview video, created to showcase all of Glass’ awesome capabilities and we’re ridiculously impressed and terrified in equal measures.

From the examples in the video (which we’ve embedded above), Google Glass will respond to your voice and allow you to do all kinds of things, like record video, take photos, call and message your contacts, surf the internet and maybe even offer translation services too, the first time we’ve heard about that feature in any of Google’s promotional content.

It all looks really exciting, but we are concerned that it won’t be too long before none of us are leaving the house without a visor thing strapped to our faces.

The video was released at the same time Google announced its pre-order programme, but don’t get too excited, if you want to get your hands on Google Glass you’ll have to qualify and then fork our $1,500 for a developer version.

Check out for more information.

Becca Caddy