Twitter launches Vine: 6 second video app for the iPhone


Today the team over at Twitter HQ have launched a brand new mobile app called Vine, which allows users to share short video clips on Twitter and Facebook.

Just like short and snappy tweets, Vine is all about sharing clips of video content of six seconds or less, which you can create from a single clip or a selection of a few super short ones. Everyone’s discussing Vine as if it’s a video sharing app, when really the results remind us a bit more of a gif or a Coub.

We’ll be testing out Vine over the next few days and giving you our thoughts.

You should be able to download Vine from iTunes now, but many people – including us here at Shiny HQ – are noticing some issues. The main being it won’t download. But we’d expect these teething problems should be sorted out soon and we’ll be recording and sharing a mixture of really interesting and really dull video clips in no time.

Available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy