HelloSign lets you sign documents without a pen, printer or scanner


The other day we were wondering whether we actually need anything but the internet and apps now, surely pens, paper, books and even other pieces of tech, like cameras, printers and scanners are getting a little redundant and antiquated, right? Well today it’s pretty much been confirmed for us that we can bin everything other than our phones and laptops, because HelloSign allows you to sign documents without the need for anything other than the interwebz.

The online tool from the makers of HelloFax now exists as a Gmail plug-in, so you can sign documents and send them off straight away without having to print, physically sign them and scan them back in. All you’ll need to do is click a link next to an attachment and just hope you can control a mouse a little bit better than I can – check out my smiley attempt above.

Of course there have been digital signature-style apps and services before in the past, but HelloSign is here to make the process even quicker and easier than before.

Check out HelloSign for more information and Gmail plug-in details.

Becca Caddy

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