Will Facebook launch Snapchat-like (dirtbag) photo app?

snapchat-phone-screenshot.jpgQuirky little photo app Snapchat has become super popular over the past year or so (we wrote about it last September when it was called Picaboo), as it allows you to send “self-destructible” photo messages that the recipient can only view for a couple of seconds.

Awh we hear what you’re saying, maybe everyone uses it to send cute, laughing photos of the fun times they have like the girls below? Well um NO. It’s basically gained a bit of a reputation for being the go-to app for sending filthy photos, so you can be as naughty as you like without risking your naked bits being posted to the internet.

Well according to reports today it looks like Facebook may want a piece of the dirty, quick photo pie as it could be planning on launching its own Snapchat-like application.

Yesterday All Things D reported that Facebook is currently testing a messaging app that allows users to “send impermanent photo messages to one another”, which yep, sounds a hell of a lot like Snapchat’s USP.

Although there’s been no official word from Facebook yet, a source close to the matter has allegedly leaked that the app will be with us in the coming weeks, joining Facebook’s other mobile apps like Messenger and Camera (yeah, we forgot that existed too).

[Via All Things D]

Becca Caddy