TUMBLR: Now one of top 10 US sites and 170 million people love its memes

tumblr-traffic-stats.jpgThe Tumblr team have shared some short but very sweet news with their users this week, which they call “exciting and slightly overwhelming”… Drum roll please…

According to stats from Quantcast, Tumblr and its network of blogs, memes and dreamy photos has become one of the top 10 sites in the whole of the US and also has a worldwide audience of more than 170 million people. Wow, that’s a LOT of cat videos.

The team have been shouting about the huge achievement over on the Tumblr Staff blog and even got all teary eyed, thanking the users for being generally awesome:

“It is truly a privilege to build products for you, and we are humbled every day by all the amazing ways you use them.”


[Via Tumblr Staff Blog]

Becca Caddy