Gangnam Style is now the most watched YouTube video. Like, EVER

Whether it makes you want to get up and dance or blow your brains out, it’s now official, global pop wildcard superstar Psy has broken another world record with his mental Gangnam Style video.

Gangnam Style (which we’re pretty sure needs absolutely no introduction) has now been watched over 832.6 million times, making it the most watched YouTube video of all time. Psy snatches the title previously owned by both Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber,

The video’s successes have extended beyond the realms of the internet too, with the South Korean’s mad-horse-dance-type-thing even bagging the MTV Europe Music Awards “Best Video” category, not to mention the song itself hitting number one in 28 different countries.

Expect to see that dance dominate Christmas parties across the land. Add a couple more views to Psy’s count by checking out the video above.

[Via Tech Digest]

Becca Caddy

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