TUMBLR EYE CANDY: 10 Beautiful Tumblr themes for photos, galleries & portfolios

Normally the term “eye candy” refers to half naked guys and girls, but here at Shiny Shiny we unashamedly get all hot and bothered when it comes to themes. Especially Tumblr themes.

The popularity of what we’ve dubbed “the Pinterest look” (think grid-like posts and lots of lovely images) means that everyone from The Next Web and eBay to our gran has been changing their website to mimic the just-can’t-get-enough layout of Pinterest that has users hooked for hours on its virtual crack.

Although some might argue it’s just a trend, there’s no better way of browsing through photos, galleries and portfolios, so here are our all time favourite Tumblr themes that are hot, sexy, minimal and look a bit like Pinterest.

Enjoy (and then go take a cold shower).

Becca Caddy