STUDY: Are over 40s really the most prolific scumbag sexters?

sex-phone-kissing.jpegThe media likes us to think that it’s only over-sexed teens and Scarlet Johansson who send naughty texts, but according to recent research it’s actually the over 40s who are the biggest scumbags when it comes to risque messages, dirty chats and naked photos.

The study, commissioned by, found that 37% of those polled in a recent survey about mobile phone usage admitted to sending sexts regularly (so that’s 60% who ACTUALLY do it then, right?).

Although all of the different age groups openly admitted to sexting, it seems out of that 37% most are over 40s and only a small proportion are in the 18 to 25 age group.

The research also revealed that sending filth via your phone isn’t always fun and games, as 2% claimed they’d accidentally sent something explicit to the wrong person on one or more occasion and 24% claimed to regret having taken part in sexting activity in the past. polled 2,491 mobile phone users from around the UK.

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Becca Caddy