SEXTING: Are we all careless, cheating mobile phone flirts?

sex-phone-kissing.jpgA new study proves that we’re a nation of crazy sexters, but it seems that not only are we a bit careless and send our naughty messages to the wrong people, but many of us admit to taking part in a bit of mobile flirting with people other than our partners. You should be ashamed UK.

If you don’t know what sexting is (what have you been doing with your spare time?!), then our good friend Wikipedia explains that it’s “the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones”. Many people we speak to seem to think sexting is reserved for over-excited teens (unless that’s just their excuse), but according to a new study by mobile site Recombu more than half of us adults admit to sexting. This stat doesn’t really surprise us at all, but a lot more of the research was quite revealing…

According to the study, women are a little more reckless (or confident about talking dirty) than men, with 48% admitting they send sexts to a partner in comparison to 45% of men.

But although women may be more into sexting, men are more likely to have a few sexting buddies other than the person they’re with, with 25% admitting they’ve sent a sext to someone despite having a partner (we’re not sure what “having a partner” constitutes here, but based on the experiences of other people we know *cough* we assume these sleazy guys have girlfriends). However, women are hardly angels, with 16% admitting they’ve sent a text in the past despite also having a partner.

However, the most worrying stat has to be that 11% of sexters says they’ve been caught out at least once and have accidentally sent a dirty text message to a friend or relative by accident. Well that’s certainly a guaranteed way to ensure your next family meal is the most awkward occasion of your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

[Via Mashable via Recombu]
Becca Caddy