Remember, remember the 5th of November: Anonymous begins its hacking spree

Anonymous_logo_270x236.jpegUpdated 6 November

Infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has begun a series of attacks on high profile websites and organisations today in order to celebrate the 5th of November and the collective’s poster boy, Guy Fawkes.

According to reports and rumours this morning, members associated with the group (and some that are not) have defaced the NBC website, published sensitive information from PayPal and Symantec and attacked a number of Australian government websites.

Many have been hinting that today’s the day the group finally takes down Facebook and although we’ve heard rumours like that many a time before, there’s been a lot of publicity in recent weeks about Anonymous’ disgust at Zynga’s plans to dramatically cut its employees. There’s been no official word from Anonymous as of yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook and Zynga are targeted in some shape or form later today.

Of course it’s always hard to attribute certain attacks and statements to Anonymous because they’re not a bunch of scheming villains on a remote island somewhere, they’re pretty normal and located all over the world.

Update: It appears that the attack was directed at free open source hosting site ZPanel among others and not PayPal as initially reported. A PayPal spokesperson denies that any of its data has been breached.

Becca Caddy


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  • what an awesome way to spend your life time, and before you go shunning it, rememeber life is about what YOU want, not for the soicety.

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